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Dubai Culture & Islam awareness tour

This is a 4 -5 hours Special tour for Muslims and non Muslims showing you the culture of UAE and a lecture on Islam the tour will give you an inside into the Islamic culture and some basics of the religion.

Tour Program

Pick up at your hotel at about 9AM drive to heritage village for traditional Emirati breakfast you will also learn some basics of having food in Islam nd how one needs to be thankful of Allah for all the food that is bestowed upon us. Later we will visit the museum where you will learn the history of UAE and witness the traditional architecture. We will set off to Jumeirah Mosque now where you will be given a tour of this magnificent mosque. We than visit the Ibne Batuta Mall to see some of the important landmarks and achievements of the Islamic world in the past which let to the modern science.

After the visit to Ibne Batuta Mall we will drive you to an Islamic center where you can participate in Discussion and will also be able to absorb a lecture on basics of Islam. We will pick you up again in an hour and transfer to your hotel.

Cost US$ 92.00 per person minimum 2 people required. This tour is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays however if you are a group of 8 or more people we can organize it on any day of the week.

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This tour can also be taken at lunch time with traditional Emarati Lunch

Cost Includes: Emarati Breakfast or lunch, Tour & transfers in private A/C car/coach, Government taxes entrance fees

Cost Does not Include: Tips mineral water, and any other extra expanses

About Emarati Culture

Emirati people

Emirati people is a name given to the people of UAE these include those who hold United Arab Emirates nationality. Ethnically Emiratis share their culture, descent and the Arabic variety of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Emiratis, including the ruling dynasties of the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, trace their origins to the Bani Yas clan of Arabia. However, people outside of the Bani Yas clan, such as Baluchis and immigrants from Iran's Bastak region and Bahrain, have been gradually integrated into Emirati society. A tiny number of South Asian, African and people from other races have intermarried with Emiratis

Populations with Emirati ancestry, the result of emigration, also exist in other parts of the world, most notably in the Middle East, Europe and North America. Population estimates are seen to have a very small Diaspora.

History in Emirates

UAE is a recently created country with a past history that is shared by the neighboring empires such as Persia, Rome, Ottoman empire, and foreign powers such as Portugal and England. The earliest inhabitants were the Neolithic people, 5500 B.C. Significant control, and commerce was established by the successive Persian empires. During the Sassanid era, Persians controlled most of the lands around the Persian Gulf.

The Romans also exerted influence on the Persian Gulf. Envoys from the Islamic prophet Muhammad saw the islands convert to Islam around 630 C.E. The Portuguese would then battle the then dominant force in the Persian Gulf, the Safavid empire and control UAE for the next 150 years. During the 16th century, the Ottomans took control of the Islands and UAE was known as the "Pirate Coast." By the 19th century the British empire had taken complete control of the land then called "Trucial Sheikhdom." Trucial Coasts were under the control of the British empire until the 1960s when the first crude oil was discovered. Consequentially, with weakening British control, the "Trucial States" became the United Arab Emirates (UAE) around 1972

Meaning of word Emarati

The term Emirati comes from the Arabic word emir (Arabic: أمير‎) which means commander or leader. Today Each of the seven emirates is ruled by an emir, whose citizens (generally) belong to his clan. The Bani Yas tribe forms the basis of many clans within the United Arab Emirates. Sub-clans of the Bani Yas include

Major Clans of the Emirates

Al Bu Falah (Abu Dhabi)
Al Bu Falasah (Dubai)
Al Qawasim (Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah)
Al Ali (or Al Mualla) (Umm Al Quwain)
Al Sharqiyan (Fujairah)
Al Nu'aim (Ajman)

Another definition of "Emirati" is Arabs with origins in the UAE.

For more details check detailed article on Emarati Culture.

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