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Queen Elizabeth 2

Update 17th Jan 2013: QE2 will be converted into a deluxe luxury floating hotels some where in Asia

Oceanic Group, a Singapore-based maritime company has been given the task for leading the renovation of the vessel and convert into a 500-room hotel. The precise destination of the QE2 was not announced. But a map noted its planned voyage ending in China, raising speculation of seaports such as Shanghai or Hong Kong.

The deal marks the latest twist in the fate of the QE2, which has been docked in Dubai since it was purchased by the state investment company Istithmar World in 2007 for $100 million at the height of the city’s boom era. In July, plans were announced to keep the vessel in Dubai as a hotel and hub of a seafaring center.

The interior of the ship has been meticulously maintained since its last voyage in late 2008 and Dubai will retain ownership of the vessel after its conversion to a hotel. Buamin said technicians will now do any needed upgrades to the hull, engine and other systems. He gave no cost estimate, but noted it will be “a lot” to get the more than 45-year-old ship ready for the seas.

The ship’s fate has been the subject of intense speculation since its arrival in Dubai in November 2008. Officials had long avoided addressing questions about its future, even as it sat unused and suggestions swirled that it could be moved to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup or sold for scrap.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II launched the QE2 in 1967. Since it went into service in 1969, the ship has made at least 26 round-the-world voyages.

Dubai officials also leave open the possibly that the ship could one day return.

End its life time in Dubai

Please note QE2 is currently not in operation. We do not offer a tour of excursion at the mement. THe following text is kept here just for the information of people having interest in QE2.

Queen Elizabeth 2, the most famous ship afloat and most successful liner ever built, will sail into Dubai waters, according to shipping giant Cunard, marking the end of a colourful life on the high seas.

The 70,000-tonne vessel's appearance in Dubai is expected to draw huge crowds along the city's shores if past public interest in the world's most famous cruise ship is any indication.

When the QE2 first called at Liverpool in July 1990, an estimated one million turned out to see her, according to Cunard. Sold to Dubai World for $100 million (Dh367 million) and to be converted into a permanently berthed luxury hotel, the 293-metre long Queen Elizabeth 2 will take up its new home at a specially constructed pier at Palm Jumeirah.

Christened by the Queen in 1967, the tie-up in Dubai will be the last entry in a logbook that has recorded a total 5.6 million nautical miles, including 25 world cruises, 801 Atlantic crossings and 1,408 individual voyages.

Her overall passenger manifest totals 2.5 million passengers. When the ship is moored at the very tip of the palm-shaped island, it will be converted into a first-class floating hotel, retail and entertainment destination.

We are very pleased this great ship will be preserved for years to come, allowing future generations to experience QE2 at her new home in Dubai, Cunard spokesman Michael Gallagher told XPRESS.

The ship has been part of the company for longer than any other ship and has had a marked impact on the fortunes of the company for nearly half-a-century, so whilst it is clearly an emotional time to see her move on, we will take great delight in celebrating the life of this legendary vessel and all she has achieved, Gallagher said.

In a statement when the ship was sold, Dubai World chairman Sultan Ahmad bin Sulayem said that the government-owned company was privileged to gain the new ship.

Schedule of Queen Elezabeth 2 is as under.

November 2008
11 Tue Southampton, England Depart 5:00 pm
Southampton England
The south of England boasts a dramatic coastline and some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain. The region's history matches its scenic beauty. At nearby Salisbury stands the neolithic circle of Stonehenge. The remains of Pictic, Roman, and Saxon settlements dot the countryside. The great cathedral at Winchester is one of the great surviving monuments of Anglo-Norman architecture. And at Southampton, a chapter in America's history began when the Pilgrims took their leave of England for the New World.

12 Wed Cruising the Atlantic Ocean  Cruising the Atlantic Ocean

13 Thu Lisbon, Portugal 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Lisbon Portugal
Draped across seven hills, Lisbon was once the centre of a vast maritime empire that stretched from the west coast of Africa to the Spice Islands of the East Indies. Then, on November 1, 1755, a violent earthquake destroyed two-thirds of the city in the space of 10 minutes. Only the Alfama, the old Moorish quarter, survived. Today, Lisbon is a stately city of neoclassical buildings, wide plazas, ancient castles, and cathedrals. Eternally linked to the sea, Lisbon's magnificent harbour is spanned by the longest suspension bridge in Europe. You will want to savour this vibrant city slowly, like a fine port wine.

14 Fri Gibraltar 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The name 'Gibraltar' is a corruption of the Arabic Jebel al Tariq. During the classical age, 'The Rock' formed one of the Pillars of Hercules, marking the Western boundary of the known world. Gibraltar's setting is matched by its history five countries have battled for 13 centuries to control the passage between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The result has made for a cultural melting pot. Veiled Moroccan women stroll the steep lanes and locals revert to a liquid Spanish when talking among themselves. Visitors to a 15th-century cathedral pass through a blue-tiled courtyard, remnant of a 13th-century mosque. Yet helmeted Bobbies, pillar-boxes, and pubs make The Rock a bit of Britain in the Mediterranean.

15 Sat Cruising the Mediterranean Sea
Cruising the Mediterranean Sea

16 Sun Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Rome (Civitavecchia) Italy
Civitavecchia is Rome's seaport and your gateway to the Eternal City. The port has a venerable history. The emperor Trajan built a pleasure villa near the modern city. The harbour has served as Rome's principal seaport for over seven centuries. And two great artists of the Italian Renaissance, Bernini and Michelangelo, designed the harbour fortifications.

Yet the Eternal City eternally beckons. The ancient capital of the Western World and the centre of Christianity for nearly 2,000 years, Rome is an inexhaustible feast. Visit the ruins of the Forum, view the splendours of the Sistine Chapel, or climb the Spanish Steps - once the heart of Rome's Bohemian Quarter. The city's staggering collection of sights churches, fountains, museums, piazzas, ruins, and more cannot be seen in a day. But they can prove an eternal lure for the traveller.

17 Mon Naples, Capri, Italy 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Naples, Capri Italy
Italy's third largest city, Naples is a bustling metropolis famed for its stately buildings, crowded streets, pizza - and notoriously bad traffic best described as automotive anarchy. However, this beautiful city is rich in centuries-old culture and customs. Naples is also your gateway to the ruins of Pompeii, the Isle of Capri and the fabled Amalfi Coast.

18 Tue Valletta, Malta 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Valletta Malta
The largest of six isles, Malta occupies the premier strategic chokepoint in the Mediterranean. Humans have occupied the island for over 6,000 years and most of that span has been filled with strife. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, French, and Britons have all wrestled for control of the island. For three centuries Malta was the domain of the Knights of St. John. For another two centuries the island was a Crown Colony and major British bastion. Today the Republic of Malta is a peaceful place, a year-round travel des tination offering mild weather and a wealth of cultural attractions. View the oldest freestanding megaliths in Europe, stroll the delightful fishing village at Marsaxlokk Bay, or explore the Baroque streets and palazzos of Valletta.

19 Wed Cruising the Mediterranean Sea
Cruising the Mediterranean Sea

20 Thu Alexandria (for Cairo/Giza), Egypt 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Alexandria (for Cairo/Giza) Egypt
Having added Egypt to his empire, Alexander the Great decreed that a new city was to be raised as his imperial capital and named Alexandria. The young conqueror never lived to see his dream realised, dying nine years later at the age of 33. But the city he founded would play a major role in world history for the next 20 centuries. Alexandria was the capital of Egypt under the Ptolemys and the Roman Empire. An early centre of Christianity, the city was famed as a locus of commerce and culture - a legacy that endured until the waning of the Byzantine Empire in the 14th century. Under Ottoman rule, Alexandria suffered a long period of decline until Muhammad Ali revived its fortunes in the 1800s. The opening of the Suez Canal also served to diminish Alexandria's role as a major port, but the city was a major bastion of the British Empire in both world wars. Today, Alexandria is Egypt's second-largest city with a population of some 5 million souls.

21 Fri Cruising the Mediterranean Sea
Cruising the Mediterranean Sea

22 Sat Transiting the Suez Canal
Transiting the Suez Canal

23 Sun Cruising the Red Sea
Cruising the Red Sea

24 Mon Cruising the Red Sea
Cruising the Red Sea

25 Tue Cruising the Gulf of Aden
Cruising the Gulf of Aden

26 Wed Cruising the Arabian Sea
Cruising the Arabian Sea

27 Thu Dubai, United Arab Emirates Disembark

QE2 is without a doubt one of the wonders of the maritime world and is easily the most famous serving liner in the world today, he said. QE2 at the Palm Jumeirah will become one of the must-see experiences of Dubai and of the Middle East. We are investing in creating a truly global tourism destination.

Given Dubai's close association with the sea, the ship will be a welcomed addition to the coastline, he said.

Dubai is a maritime nation and we understand the rich heritage of QE2. She is coming to a home where she will be cherished, Bin Sulayem said.

QE2 Factfile

As of December 31, 2007, QE2 had

  • Completed 1,408 voyages (the Christmas voyage departing on December 16, 2007 was her 1,409th).
  • Sailed over 5.6 million nautical miles  that's more than any other ship ever.
  • Carried almost 2.5 million passengers
  • Completed 801 Atlantic crossings (her 802nd crossing was January 6 ' 13, 2008)
  • Completed 25 full World Cruises

QE2 has

  • The largest marine motors ever built.
  • The largest cinema at sea (capacity 531)

QE2 is

  • Probably the most misnamed ship in the world. She is Queen Elizabeth 2, not Queen Elizabeth II
  • The most famous ship in operation
  • Cunard's first ship, Britannia, would fit into QE2's Grand Lounge
  • QE2 can sail backwards (full speed astern is 19 knots) faster than most cruise ships sail forwards
  • The 95 MV total power output is enough to light a city the size of Southampton
  • Her rudder weighs 80 tons
  • Enough fruit juice is used in one year to fill up QE2's swimming pools nearly 8 times
  • Approximately 600,000 litres of beverage are consumed annually

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