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Ramadan in Dubai 2022

Ramadan Guide Lines

"Ramadan Mubarak" and "Ramadan Kareem" are greetings used to offer your wishes for Ramadan. (kareem means generous and Mubarak means blessings).

Suhoor is the meal in the morning just before sunrise - it is usually a light meal.

Iftar is the time of the evening meal just after sunset, traditionally a light snack of dates and water, although this might no be so obvious in Dubai.

During Ramadan, Muslims observe the following rituals.

No eating, drinking, smoking or sex between sunrise (fajr) and sunset (maghrib, rather than magrib).

Rules & Regulations

t is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours (including in your car). There may be a fine of Dhs 2000 / 2500 or 1 or 2 month jail sentence.

Tourists young kids can eat in the hotel room or in discreet restaurants available in major hotels during the day.

It is respectful and polite to dress modestly during Ramadan - modest means shoulders and legs should be covered.

During the tours and desert safaris do loud musinc belly dance and alcoholic drinks are offered.

Bars in Dubai are usually still open but strictly for non Muslims.

Car stereos should be turned down - loud music, especially rock or similar music, is disrespectful


Ramadan is the holy month of the Muslim calendar year. It is the 9th month of the year. All Muslims are required to fast during the month of Ramadan. A fast is a ritual which starts early in the morning Just before the sunrise and end right after the sunset, one must not drink or eat any thing during fast and also avoid any activity that may be considered sinful un ethical or lude. Hence the Muslims observe this month as a complete prayers month.

In Dubai office and market times also change to facilitate people to observe fast. Besides fasting there are many cultural and religious activities done during this month which makes this month enjoyable and unique for Muslims as well as non Muslim visitors. The Government of Dubai launches special promotion activities for tourists to come and visit Dubai during Ramadan to experience this holiness and know the culture of Islam in Dubai.

Ramadan 2022

The lunar year is around 10 days shorter than the solar Gregorian year. The Islamic calendar comprises 12 months based on the lunar cycle, which is known as the Hijri (Migration) year of Mohammad (PBUH) from Makkah to Madina. The Islamic year Hijri 1 corresponds to AD622. We are currently in the Hijri year 1438.

Since the Hijri year is shorter, it arrives 10 days ‘earlier’ in relation to the Gregorian calendar, through the seasons. That’s why Ramadan comes around 10 days earlier than the previous year.

Useful phrases to say during Ramadan

When you're meet some one in beginning of Ramadan or speaking over the phone to anyone who is fasting, these phrases are useful and courteous.

Ramadan Mubarak
(blessed Ramadan)

Ramadan Kareem
(happy/generous Ramadan)

When speaking to some at a time close to Iftar or saying good bye to some one who is going home to open his/her fast

Iftar Shahy
(have a good iftar)

Instead of saying good night to some you may also say

Mubarak Aleik Al Shahr
(may you get the blessings of the month)

Qul aam wa inta fee kheir
(may each year pass and you be well)

This year 2022, Ramadan in UAE will start on 2nd April 2022 and will end on 1st May 2022 at the end of Ramadan Muslims celebrate their biggest feast the Eid Ul Fitr which is a way to give thanks to the God and also remember the poor and give them a share of your earnings to make them celebrate the happy days.

The Dubai International Holy Quran Award, the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Dubai World Trade Centre, and the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment (Depe), in addition to Dubai Cares and the Princess Haya bint Al Hussain Islamic and Cultural Centre have confirmed their participation in Ramadan in Dubai.

Together, these organizations will host a variety of activities this Ramadan across the Emirate, including cultural, religious, family, and sporting events, as well as community and charitable initiatives.

Ramadan in Dubai is being developed for the whole community, with government departments, events organizers, charities and official bodies coming together to organize special events and activities.

Depe will also organize a series of events for the first time during Ramadan, including Modhesh World, one of the most famous entertainment destinations in the region.

Modhesh World will continue welcoming children and families during Ramadan right through until September 10. During the holy month, special activities and cultural events at Modhesh World include awareness lectures on the values of Ramadan, shared in a simple and engaging style for children.

Also, prizes, draws and surprises will be on the cards for Modhesh World visitors. Depe will set up a Ramadan tent, offering iftar and suhour meals prepared by a leading hotel in Dubai near to the entrance to the event, giving families the chance to enjoy Ramadan meals together, with free entrance to Modhesh World.

Among those offerings, our multi-award winning chefs will serve a daily traditional Suhour in our new spectacular indoor Ramadan Majlis and we provide the nationā's largest ever indoor sports festival, Dubai Sports World.

This opportunity for all ages to enjoy an unrivalled experience within a purpose built multi-sport arena once again demonstrates Dubaiās commitment to provide state-of-the-art facilities for families and communities to come together, he added.

Iftar Offers in Dubai check out what are the restaurants offering this Ramadan for the evening Iftar during Ramadan


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Ramadan Kareem
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