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UAE National Dress

The National dress of Dubai & UAE in general is is characteristic of other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia Qatar etc. The Arabian dress is is designed to for comfort in high temperatures to keep with the religious beliefs. Emiratis men wear Kandura or Dishdosh a brilliant white cloak with a head scarf ringed with black strings known as kerkusha

The Emirati national dress consists of garments and accessories such as the kandura or dishdosh (white or colored cloak) with kerkusha (string neck ornament) often worn with sandals and guthra (headscarf) with egal (black rope) for men, and abaya (black gown), shayla (head covering) and possibly burqa (head covering exposing only the eyes) or gishwa (black veil) and gafaaz (gloves) for women.

Clothing and fashion trends are very important in the Middle East, because the population is very young (over 50% are under the age of 20, the median age is 28 in UAE, compared to 36 in the United States).

For women The abaya is prevalent, while some women also wear a niqab or cover their face with a hijab. Women also wear batoolas. The abaya is conventionally entirely black, but recent trends display colorful decorations around the collar or on the sleeves. The younger Emiratis wear fitted dresses when these were in the first place designed to prevent from revealing any physical shape.

Women are usually dressed in black which is evidently not the best choice of color considering the high temperatures encountered in the summer. This can also explain the prevalence of air conditioning in public areas.

Emirati keffiyeh
The keffiyehs worn in the neighboring countries are not necessarily white and each Bedouin tribe will have its own colors.

The younger Emiratis prefer to wear red and white keffiyehs and tie it round their head to avoid having to wear the agal. To wear the keffiyeh the Emirati style, all one has to do is fold the headscarf once to make a triangle placing the longer side of the triangle along the forehead leaving the 90˚ corner somewhere towards the top of your back.

Then all you have to do is place the aghals on top leaving the black chords dangling in your back. If you want to wear your keffiyeh without using the aghals, simply make a triangle as described above and use the two small-angled corners to wrap them round your head, starting with the back of the head, and around the forehead to fold it back into the beginning of the loop just behind the ears. Do not use the aghals when wearing the keffiyehs in this style.

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